Why Do The Top Dentists in Canada & The US Use 3D Digital Imaging?

3D digital imaging provides holistic dentists, oral disease specialists, and advanced dental implant specialists with crucial diagnostic information for dental planning and treatment.

Only 5% of dentists in Canada & the US have in-office 3D Conebeam Digital imaging and most rely on mobile imaging centers or oral surgery specialists.

It’s important to note that endodontists usually only perform single-tooth images, which have limited diagnostic value for holistic dentists or dental implant specialists like Dr. Pan. Natural Dentistry uses the latest Conebeam 3D CBCT scan that provides full sinus, airway, TMJ, and double jaw analysis, and it’s the only ultra-low dose technology in the 3D Conebeam market.

Only 1% of Dentists in Canada & the US have the Planmeca Ultra-Low Dose 3D Imaging high-tech equipment, specifically chosen for its high-quality scans with reduced radiation exposure for patients.

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