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White Fillings

The Benefits of White Fillings to Treat Cavities

White fillings are great for treating cavities. Out of several different types of dental fillings, those made from porcelain are some of the most popular. Unlike many of the alternatives, porcelain fillings closely resemble the appearance of natural teeth.

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A filling made from porcelain shares the same translucent appearance that natural teeth have. The color is almost the same color as natural tooth enamel. After a porcelain filling has been bonded to a tooth, it becomes highly resistant to food particles and pressure.

A lot of patients choose fillings made from this material because they’re much better alternatives to amalgam fillings.  Unlike amalgam, porcelain looks almost identical to natural teeth, so most people will never even know you have a filling. Once it has been bonded to a tooth, porcelain preserves the tooth’s natural strength. Metal fillings are known for weakening teeth, and they can cause teeth to fracture.

Benefits of White Fillings

The benefits are what make most patients happy that they chose porcelain instead of other materials. The first major benefit is durability. Porcelain is a very strong, durable material, so it’s less likely to break and cause problems in the future.

Another reason many patients choose porcelain fillings is because they can significantly prolong the life of teeth. When compared with amalgam, porcelain can make a tooth last much longer, which means fewer problems for you to worry about.

One of the greatest benefits that porcelain has to offer is aesthetics. Porcelain fillings are beautiful, and they’re able to merge with the natural color of your teeth. Amalgam cannot match the aesthetics of porcelain. White fillings offer unmatched cosmetic appeal.

They’re great for patients who don’t want everyone knowing they have a bunch of fillings. If you have many fillings made of amalgam, you’ll want to look at your mouth far less frequently. The procedure doesn’t take very long, and it feels just like getting a normal filling. The difference is how you’ll look afterward.

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