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Is A Conebeam Scan Necessary For Dental Implants?

Yes, it is essential. Avoid any dentist who offers to place dental implants without a 3D Scan, whether they rely solely on an x-ray or 2D pano. Without a 3D Scan, they cannot determine if the implants will be placed directly into or near a nerve, leading to debilitating parasthesia. A Conebeam Scan also reveals the proximity of a nerve to a tooth that needs to be extracted, preventing nerve damage during the extraction. Using a CBCT Scan improves the accuracy of implant placement and reduces the risk of damaging natural teeth or causing implant failure. Don’t listen to dentists who claim they have been performing implants and extractions for 30 years without 3D CBCT scans; they may not understand 3D scans or resist investing in advanced technology.

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