Excel Dental’s Sports Guards: Protecting Champions On and Off the Ice 🏒🏈🏀⚽️

  • Custom Fit Sports Guards: Excel Dental’s Sports Guards are tailored to offer a seamless fit, ensuring maximum protection and comfort.
  • September Special: Celebrate the start of the hockey season with our Sports Guards for only $60.
  • Make a Statement with Colour Choices: Choose from a diverse range of vibrant colours to match your team or personal style.
  • Unparalleled Protection: Crafted to align with the unique structure of your teeth, our guards offer top-tier defense.
  • For Every Sport: Ideal for hockey, basketball, soccer, football, and more. Every athlete deserves the best protection.
  • Limited Time Offer: Grab this unbeatable deal before September ends.

The thrill of the game, the cheer of the crowd, and the glory of a win – there’s nothing quite like the world of sports. As we step into September, a special excitement fills the air for all Canadian sports enthusiasts: it’s the start of the hockey season. While the game demands skill, precision, and strategy, there’s another vital element every player needs – protection.

A Champion’s Best Armor

In any sport, be it hockey, basketball, soccer, or football, protecting oneself is paramount. Among the crucial protective gears, a sports guard plays an invaluable role. At Excel Dental, we understand the importance of a perfectly fitted guard. Our custom-made Sports Guards are tailored to fit your teeth seamlessly, offering maximum protection while ensuring comfort.

September Special: Guard Your Winning Smile

As a salute to the spirit of the game and the start of the hockey season, we’re rolling out a special offer for all our sports enthusiasts. Get your custom Sports Guard for only $60! And it doesn’t stop at just protection; make a statement on the field or ice by choosing from our vibrant colour palette.

Why Choose Excel Dental’s Sports Guards?

Our Sports Guards stand out not just for the protection they offer but also for the perfect fit. A guard that isn’t tailored for your teeth can be uncomfortable and may not offer complete protection. Our expertise ensures that every guard is crafted to align with the unique structure of your teeth, offering unparalleled protection.

Moreover, our diverse colour options allow athletes to pick a guard that matches their team colours or personal style, adding a touch of personal flair to their protective gear.


Champions deserve the best, and at Excel Dental, we are committed to offering nothing short of excellence. Our September special is the perfect opportunity for every athlete to gear up for the upcoming sports season. Remember, a well-protected smile is a winning smile. Grab this offer before it’s gone, and let your performance shine with confidence, knowing your smile is guarded with the best.

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