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What can be done to prevent the Abrasion of my teeth? #4

Abrasion is the progressive mechanical wear of teeth caused by foreign external objects.

It can cause tooth wear, ranging from V shaped notches at the gum line to the destruction of the biting surfaces of the teeth.

Here are some commonly asked questions about this condition:

Did you know?

What can be done to prevent the Abrasion of my teeth?

Prevention is the most important part of managing tooth abrasion.

  • Close monitoring to identify further progression.
  • If abrasion is minimal, fl uoride may be applied to reduce the risk of decay and sensitivity.

Mild gum line abrasion

  • Placement of a restoration in more severe cases or with the presence of decay.  
  • Should the strength of the tooth be compromised or an esthetic concern be present a more advanced restorative treatment such as a crown or onlay may be necessary.

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