What is a Buildup–Part 2

A Buildup is used when a fracture or decay causes a portion of a tooth to break off, and in some cases, there’s simply not enough tooth left to place a crown. A Buildup will replace the missing portion and save the tooth by building it up with Buildup Resin materials.

A build-up may become necessary, and you should always consult your dentist to see if this procedure is right for you. Having cracked or decayed teeth is always a concern for your oral and physical health.

Below are some FAQ’s about Build Ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my alternatives to having a Build-up?

  • Removal of the tooth
  • Otherwise no treatment alternatives exist besides a buid-up for broken down or decayed teeth rquiring a crown, bridge, inlay, onlay or veneer

How may my bite affect a Build-up?

  • Excessive biting forces or untreated bite problems may lead to the build-up breaking or loosening
  • Excessive biting forces or untreated bite problems may lead to the tooth in which the build has been placed, breaking

Are there post-treatment restrictions once I have a Build-up?

  • A build-up may break or loosen if chewing very hard or sticky foods

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