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What causes Abrasion of my teeth?

Abrasion is the progressive mechanical wear of teeth caused by foreign external objects.

It can cause tooth wear, ranging from V shaped notches at the gum line to the destruction of the biting surfaces of the teeth.

Here are some commonly asked questions about this condition:

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What causes Abrasion of my teeth?

Dietary habits which include very hard or fi brous foods. In moderation this is not a concern, but an excessive habit of eating particularly abrasive foods can lead to tooth abrasion. Examples of this would be sunfl ower seeds, certain grains and nuts.

Dental products come in a wide range of abrasiveness. Because exposure to abrasive toothpastes occurs on a daily basis, it is important to select products that will minimize the abrasive risk to your teeth.

Examples include toothbrushes with excessively hard bristles and some toothpastes that contain highly abrasive particles.

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