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Frequently Asked Questions about Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Dr. Susan Pan of Excel Dental in Hamilton, Ontario answers some of the most commonly asked questions about surgical periodontal therapy:

  1. What are the benefits of surgical periodontal therapy for me?
  • Surgical periodontal therapy can remove plaque and tartar from areas that are difficult for you to access.
  • It can also eliminate periodontal pockets that are difficult for you to maintain, making it easier for you to clean your teeth.
  • Surgical periodontal therapy may also slow down or even stop the progression of your periodontal disease, depending on other risk factors and your daily maintenance.
  1. What are the risks associated with surgical periodontal therapy?
  • Your gums may be tender for a period of time after the surgery.
  • You may experience increased tooth sensitivity for a while.
  • Your gums may shrink, resulting in your teeth looking longer and with more spaces between them, which may affect your appearance.
  • As with any surgical procedure, there is a small risk of infection.
  1. What materials will be used in your surgical periodontal therapy?
  • Local anesthetic is typically used for most surgical procedures.
  • Additional materials may include ultrasonic instruments, laser therapy, and antibacterial irrigation.
  • Antibiotics and mouth rinses may also be used during the healing process after surgery.
  1. Will you have any limitations after surgical periodontal therapy?
  • You should avoid using hard toothbrushes or other dental hygiene aids that may irritate the surgical site.
  • You should avoid chewing or putting force on the surgical site to avoid complications and allow for proper healing.
  1. What are your alternatives to surgical periodontal therapy?
  • You can choose not to treat your existing periodontal disease.
  • You can also consider non-surgical periodontal therapy, but this may not fully treat your periodontal disease, putting you at risk of further infection and tooth loss.

Surgical periodontal therapy is a process that removes the bacteria associated with deeper periodontal pockets that cause bone loss around the teeth. The surgical recontouring of the gum and bone reduces the risk of infection caused by periodontal disease.

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