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Excel Dental: Holistic Dental Care in Hamilton, Ontario


When it comes to dental care, many people are looking for a more natural and holistic approach that considers the overall health and well-being of the patient. Excel Dental, located in Hamilton, Ontario, is a practice that offers just that. As a holistic dental care provider, Excel Dental offers a wide range of services that promote overall health and well-being.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is a approach to dental care that emphasizes the importance of overall health and well-being in relation to oral health. Rather than just treating individual dental issues, holistic dentists take a more comprehensive approach to care, considering how oral health is connected to the health of the entire body. They may use more natural and less invasive treatments, and often place a greater emphasis on preventing dental problems through good oral hygiene and nutrition.

Services offered at Excel Dental

Excel Dental offers a wide range of services including, cleanings, fillings, and extractions, as well as cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, clear braces, and dental implants. They also specialize in holistic procedures using mercury-free and biocompatible materials. They also incorporate other therapies like acupuncture, herbal medicine, and homeopathy, to promote healing and well-being.

Importance of oral health on overall health

The importance of oral health on general health is well established, the two are closely linked. Poor oral health has been linked to various health issues such as Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pneumonia, and even pregnancy complications. By visiting a holistic dental care provider like Excel Dental, patients may experience not only improved oral health but also overall health and well-being.


Excel Dental If you’re looking for a natural and holistic approach to dental care, contact Excel Dental at 905-529-2164 to schedule an appointment. The practice is located at 49 East Avenue South, Hamilton, ON L8N 2T5, they are open Monday through Friday, and they welcome walk-in appointments.

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